Benefits from owning an e-commerce website
Strategies for your new & Improved e-commerce business

Electronic commerce is a versatile online tool that helps you create a powerful business by attracting simple leads and converting them into loyal customers. The predictions about the growth of the online shopping market size in the next year will be around 4 trillion dollars.

Can anyone develop a profitable business using this efficient online tool?

Using SEO best practices, ProSeoSolutions assists its customers in becoming owners of a lucrative CMS E-commerce website. This material will clarify some of the following:

  • what we understand by the concept of electronic commerce;
  • types of e-commerce and their advantages;
  • benefits of owning an online shop;
  • ProSeoSolutions strategies to improve an online business.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is one of the high-quality services offered by ProSeoSolutions. In this regard, we are using our expertise to help our clients open and run an online business. If you wish to develop an intelligent business, create a strong brand, and make a big profit from online stores, e-commerce is the solution.

You can increase its efficiency when you combine it with our SEO best practices. If you choose the online space, then that will allow you to sell and purchase goods and services, and benefit from the protected connections for exchanging money and data to execute a transaction.

Types of e-commerce

After you have chosen the path of success by opening an online shop, you will have to select between four types of e-commerce business models.

1. Business-to-Business (B2B)

When goods or services are traded from one business to another. In B2B, online businesses will only interchange goods with each other. This type of e-commerce will suffer a massive market growth caused by manufacturers and wholesalers.

B2B has high conversion rates online compared to B2C (business-to-customer), various reports showing a difference between 10% and 3% in this regard. Also, using modern cloud-based e-commerce platforms, sellers can speed up their order fulfillment processes.

2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

B2C is the type of electronic commerce where a business will sell goods or services directly to an individual consumer online. This business has a very flexible catalog that allows its users to add new products and change their prices according to their pricing policies.

If we compare it to the traditional print catalogs, the e-catalog will show a difference caused by technological development. Also, the B2C type of e-commerce has a significant impact on people by comparison with traditional commerce.

This type of e-commerce provides consumers with an unlimited marketplace, so they can check on their products from home, office, or when they are outside. This will eliminate the stress of them following a restricted timeframe.

What We Do Best

3. Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

 It is that type of business where, by using the internet, the consumer will sell his goods or services to other consumers. The buyer benefits from reduced prices, have the opportunity to deal with different sellers, and to choose his variables such as the most popular products or the best sellers, or offers from his area.

The seller can use direct sales to obtain high profitability. He will also benefit from a significant cost reduction, not needing to have spending’s on rent, salaries, or office supplies. His clients will increase significantly too if he focuses on the international market.

4. Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

The C2B can also be considered a professional relationship where the consumers will increase the exposure of the business.

Benefits from owning an e-commerce website

Worldwide Customer Connection, Geolocation & Geotargeting

You are not limited to a particular geographical area, your online shop is reachable worldwide, and it also has more connectivity.

Lead Conversion through multiple techniques derived from SEO best practices

Use various techniques and become efficient in harnessing the power of SEO as you will attract your leads, and convert them into loyal customers.

Diverse Customer Service & Fast Review Rating

Create a strong reputation for your business by implementing high-quality customer service in different forms such as chat or direct call. Solve your customers’ issues in a fast and professional manner and they will bring you other customers and increase your website’s popularity.

Also, you will benefit from the very important and valuable feedback about the products and services you sell.

Complete Autonomy

You are the one who sets the rules and decides what is best for his business.

ProSeoSolutions strategies for your new & improved e-commerce business

Using only SEO best practices, our specialists will take your e-commerce to the next level. In this regard, we will focus in a significant manner on on-page and off-page SEO, as well as on Social Media and Paid Strategies.

On-page SEO

Will boost the power and influence of your website in four important ways: higher ranking, user engagement & user experience, increased traffic, and additional lead conversion. Our team will conduct a complex campaign of keyword research and keyword optimization besides other strategies derived from SEO best practices.

As a result, your e-commerce website will have an increased number of organic keywords, the popularity of your brand will grow, and the overall visibility of your online business in Google will situate in an ascending trend.

ProSeoSolutions will implement efficient strategies containing SEO best practices that will improve the User Experience of anyone visiting your e-commerce site. We will also craft a classy yet friendly design for your e-commerce business that increases the conversion rate for your customers.

Off-page SEO

One of the most important SEO best practices as it accounts for every move you make outside your website. Its purpose is to grow the visibility of the website (categories, page products, and all the other e-commerce elements) by multiple techniques in the search engines such as Google or Bing, for example.

ProSeoSolutions has an approach that takes into account the power of Social Media, E-mail Marketing, and YouTubeMarketing. In 2019, studies have shown that 73% of marketers considered social media marketing between efficient and highly efficient for their business.

Estimations show that more than 90% of businesses will use Social Media in the following years.

Also, video content attracts people more than reading texts and captures their attention, offering them important information in only a few minutes (if created properly). It also builds a sense of trust inside people, increasing your chances of converting them into your customers.

For this psychological effect to trigger, you can insert videos with brief product descriptions into your website’s product pages. Our team here at ProSeoSolutions will also help you with video SEO-optimization, and embedding it on your e-commerce website.

When we will implement our strategy, your video content will have the following results: more views, higher traffic, and more leads.

Not many people reflect on this fact: reviews are one of SEO best practices. Our specialists will teach you how to use this very important factor at his maximum potential for ranking your website in search engines.

ProSeoSolutions will design a complex strategy for your business, apply it to your online store, and you will enjoy some well-deserved profits and many loyal customers in the long term.

When you create the right type of social media content, publish it regularly, and combine it with other Social Media strategies. This will improve your visibility, impression, share, as well as other KPI metrics you are monitoring for your profile.


What We Do Best

Paid strategies

Are an intelligent way to maximize the potential of your e-commerce website. We will use them to increase conversion and return of your initial ad investment. The following paragraphs will explain shortly how to add 4 simple paid strategies to SEO best practices for e-commerce, and their effect when used together.

Strategy 1 – Branding

ProSeoSolutions specialists have advised their customers that own online stores to focus on brand names and implement a competitive pricing strategy for those products.

Strategy 2 – Focus Landing Page

Create special landing pages on your e-commerce website that guide and sell for brand names.

Strategy 3 – Categories

Create a filtered category or an on-site search page to save time and money instead of creating a landing page for every type of service or product.

Strategy 4 – Advanced Keyword Research

Our specialists will also create ad groups to match your keywords that guide your customer to your stocked product.

These customized ad groups are the necessary factor that will bring your e-commerce website an improved click-through-rate percentage and a better conversion rate. We are proficient in writing effective ads for our customers, and your site will become very performant and profitable after our dedicated work on it.


Focusing on brand names for products, landing page creation for brands, specific filters for smaller categories, and advanced keyword research are only four examples of what ProSeoSolutions can use for paid strategies. We have many more e-commerce recipes for success, and these four are just simple ones.

ProSeoSolutions: unlocking the potential of your online business!

When it comes to e-commerce, ProSeoSolutions will help you take full advantage of the internet to become a strong presence in search engines by following a variety of top marketing strategies. Regardless of the type of your business, we will use only the best approaches to create a CMS e-commerce site that is customized 100% on your business profile.  Our experts will use every information gathered in the preliminary discussions.

Their ultimate purpose will be to create an e-commerce solution that will be proficient and long- standing for your business. For more than a decade we have accumulated experience by using SEO best practices and new skills which we are now eager to apply to your project to become one of the best e-commerce businesses.

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