What is WordPress?


What is WordPress?

We use WordPress because it is a reliable content management system (CMS) that allows us to use the PHP language to build websites. As a tool of choice, this powerful CMS is great for building awesome and smart custom-made websites, just the way our customers want it.

By comparison with another CMS, OpenCart for example, WordPress is more user-friendly, it is easier to implement as a business tool, and it is often used by middle-sized companies and enterprises.

As a system, WordPress is composed of 3 essential elements: the core, the themes, and the plugins. Each one has specific functions and can contribute in a significant manner into building a high-quality and performant website.

The core

This section contains all functionality required by WordPress development. By tapping into the admin backend and specific functions, our team of specialists at ProSeoSolutions can create websites that will satisfy even the most critical customer.

We, the team at ProSeoSolutions will analyze the specific of your business and handle all of these functions for you through WordPress development.

  • For example, we will relate to the technical aspects and check the security of your entire website.
  • We will verify the functionality of the entire internal linking while preventing the appearance of error 404.
  • Also, we will use a light and clean version of WordPress to make sure your website doesn’t have design elements or certain plugins that will slow down its loading times. This offers your website the chance of better ranking from Google due to its faster loading times.

The themes

Your WordPress themes can make the difference in your industry, so by managing them accurately, we will create a website for you that attracts leads and turns many of them into loyal customers. The themes are the elements of WordPress development that create the front-end of the website.

As a team, we share a common passion for using our know-how and skills to create a special website for you. In fewer words, ProSeoSolutions will ensure your website will have a beautiful design, will be user-friendly, mobile-optimized, and it will also have a clean and UX aspect.

Having access to the WordPress admin will allow us to display your pages and your posts as well in a friendly, yet professional manner.  Before starting our process of WordPress development to create a high-quality website, the first meeting with our customers is mandatory.

They will be counseled and will have to choose between pre-built themes and a finely crafted custom design, both simple to create by WordPress development.

The plugins

WordPress allows us to improve your website using one of its excellent tools, namely the plugins. We will choose only the best and most efficient plugins available to boost the functionality of the CMS.

The next step will be to use them and improve your website further. Once they are implemented, the plugins will boost the power of your website, optimizing it for better performance, and help it rank better in Google or other search engines.

What We Do Best

WordPress Development by ProSeoSolutions

Our main objective here, at ProSeoSolutions, is to know our customers in terms of their business goals. So, after the first discussion, our team will have specific data to start working on your virtual business card: a professional website.

Taking the things to the next level, we will craft a special solution that is custom-fitted on your profile. Once the blueprint is completed, we are starting to implement that solution for your business.

Our top SEO specialists in optimization will implement the best practices to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. This increase is always achieved through organic search engine results and many other KPI factors that our team will monitor.

We take pride in doing our work by always following the 3 core principles for us: honesty, transparency, and communication. We encourage our customers to start making step by step changes in the visibility of the company on the Online market and other key aspects.

We will be there for them at all steps so that they understand and see the potential of growing their business!

3 Advantages of Using WordPress Development

1. Easy to use

WordPress development is an easy process because of the user-friendly nature of this CMS. That will allow you to add content fast and easily in the WordPress platform. Always keep in mind that this content management system is as simple to use as an average text editor.

2. Use and improve your blogging skills and increase the attractiveness of your content

In the beginning, WordPress was a software whose purpose was aimed entirely for the blogging niche. Now, you can take advantage of the multitude of applications on all niches so take the first step in creating your business today.

So, start using its user-friendly and intuitive backend to post blogs, create your visibility profile on the website and your business too!

3. SEO friendly

The main reason our developers are using this CMS is a very simple one: from the beginning, WordPress has been built search engine friendly. To increase this feature, install additional plugins that will optimize your site.

Now using all the power of this special CMS, combining SEO tools, we can do that and more so your website will no longer be invisible.

WordPress is a smart and reliable CMS that will allow you to have a great website, custom-made to your professional objective. By using its three essential components (core, themes, and plugins), ProSeoSolutions will make sure your website is lucrative, SEO-friendly, and great for boosting your business.

By applying the WordPress development in our unique vision, we will offer you an online solution that will match your business profile. Our team will use the best methods to optimize your website and monitor the most important KPI factors so that your product will be classy and intelligent: a genuine business card.

 Take advantage of this powerful yet simple to use CMS, sharpen your blogging skills, and use its SEO friendliness at its maximum potential!

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